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Translation of secret codes in newspapers (N47A) - the Justice Department approved brain bio-computer DOMAIN NAME SERVERS network using human brains creating Alzheimer's nursing homes and the using the feeble minded at Bethesda Lutheran Home

N-paper 0047A by Herb Zinser translates newspaper articles and other news events .

Newspapers use various levels of English language; thus it is up to the older and wiser newspaper reader to use his math and science background to translate and understand the multi-faceted PRINT message .

List of topics, articles, subject covered .. in the sequence of occurrence over the next 50 pages.

* Hawking astrophysics layers of perception
* Hawking underachievers explain  cotton underwear  achievers
* the  BRASS  .....  astrophysics penis bio-telescope and its neuron LANGUAGE equation
* Quintal --> code word
* code word --> Suhonen -->  Sun photon
* code word --> Bob Probe Probert
* Milwaukee secret code ....   63RD Street BoboLINK and Electron Flow

* Domain Name Server (DNS)  in the bio-computer sub-conscious MIND  of the ice-berg MODEL used by the
nonsense SUPREMACY bio-computer of the  Justice Department
and the human bio-INTERNET of  Attorney General Net Reno ...Jane NET Reno

* Base 16 hexadecimal
* Isaac newton
* GM corporation ....... the   Gravity Mass company
* John Dalton chemistry  battle in Michigan
* English grammar
* code word --> Caminiti for Cincinnati  death of Tamir Rice (TA mirror )
and Cleveland death of  Samuel DuBose (Bose-Einstein condensate war casualty)

* Nitrogen bases and baseball
* Luis Gonzalez and death of Hernandez at LAX airport
* IBM LU = Logical Unit   and Luis

* entire math functions
* carbon black and Federal judges with Hugo Black
* the Grand Design battle at  Grand 16 theater
* Marty Reasoner codes and the age of Reason
* Vang, the Hmong, and atomic prison in IOWA
* Mini-max theorem errors of Minnesota

* Norris Hall chains
* Hilbert space and M-theory --> Milbert

* Sun photon energy --> code word
* potassium mass 39
* Carmen Ortiz .  .atomic mass laws
* Supreme Court Justice Douglas
* Goland Heights and Chicago
* Schopenhauer

* Sam Hengel
* matrices and  code SC --> S.Cicero avenue --> Sub-Conscious MIND
* American Math society and blood math

* the Mohawk identity of Stephen Hawking

* the Isaac Newton sunlight ..... White House
* metabolism codes
* Wirtz family amino acids and the Amish shooting
* Nikola Tesla and the EARTH daily rotation MOTOR
* IBM Basic Assembler
* Waveland Avenue in Chicago and wave mechanics

* UW, Physics in Milwaukee by Locust Street
* EARTH centrifugual force

* Vincent centrifugal force Lombardi in Green bay  ... Botany chlorophyll region  and photosynthesis

* EM --> Electro-magnetic field ..... the  Em POST office of Emily Post
* liver hepatology
* Waterloo Iowa and the water molecule continuum
* the earthly inverse universe and inverse languages and perceptions ...
M-theory string theory

* sand/silicon dioxide wars in Kuwait
* Ellis Street and University of Chicago
* GET macro

* Address space
* Tim Wakefield explains Edgewater Technologies Wakefield shooting

* Soccer ABEND codes

* Peru and Pier Oddone

* Edgar Allen Poe mystery of J. EDGAR   and the FBI
* Township of Shields and Star Trek
* Roe VS Wade
* W particle
* Jeremy Wand VERSUS Argonne National Labs and the Federal government atomic language MURDER  system

* IRON-54 IRON MAN and the murder of Boy Scout Sam Hengel Troop 1054

* Colorado shooting OPTIC WAR at Century 16 theater

* Beatles of Liverpool and their liver music for Hepatology

* K-channel neuroscience codes of the Signal   Freud ice-berg model VIA hockey ice

* Wisconsin  cheese political science with Che Guevara

* the Tyrosine protein battle in Norway
* Desi Arnaz  and I love LUCY --> LU = Logical units
* Transactional Analysis with Eric Berne

* Hawking and Jane Wilde secret codes
* copper atomic mass 63
* the orange street deaths ....San Bernandino and Orlando
* Hydroelectric power
* FermiLAB Batavia

* VTAM RU and Zandman
* Tamir Rice
* Vishay code --> vision Hayakawa
* Bush differential amplifier
* Oxygen
* EM waves and the brain waves
* iron 26 and Highway 26 Watertown

* Program Event recording
* Complex math numbers and the FBI

* Madison Wisconsin and  intellectual Mad cow/coward disease  of  bragging humans

* the President's cabinet
* Standard model REALITY and Z  = impedance

* the British Pound signal for year 1942

* Higgs Boson message
* Nitrogen President Nixon
* Waco Texas hydrocarbons and  motorcycle messages

* September 11 WAR
* Sun Prairie Wisconsin and James Clerk Maxwell
* Elena Berg BOTANY messages
* the tau particle represented by the Ford Tau Taurus
* H.G. Wells
* Blood messages
* Alice cryptology
* geometry axis of evil
* Isosceles triangle SOS
* Quantum
* Jeffrey Fowle  and Jules  Verne

* IBM and Les Miserables
* Tarzan physics
* Percy Bysshe Shelly   ...electron shell messages

* Zastrozzi codes
* Duluth Seaway Port Authority
* Pabst farms violations of field theory
* Field Museum Chicago
* Carbon 12  and the 12 Federal Reserve organic chemistry expression regions

This news analysis report by Herb Zinser looks at some of the subset secret message codes embedded within the larger context of a news article

Translate and Test MIRROR
The Earth Lab human TEST activity is first ... then the newspaper report ...and then the TRANSLATE of the report using basic math, physics, biochemistry college textbooks, etc. Thus the newspaper prints some pieces to a puzzle .. and the reader is asked to figure out the other pieces ... the pieces that explain WHY .... that explain CAUSE and EFFECT .

Herb Zinser provides some data about Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE comprised of nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations, flowcharts, etc. The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo's suggestions of " 2 CHIEF WORLD SYSTEMS" we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces....... 
the 2 CHIEF existential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc.

2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams, math and physics equations, etc.

Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel
Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories 
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

Thus we understand Charles Dickens " TALE of 2 Cities".

Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get mapped to the destination range of physical biology with human activities on the geography surface of EARTH.

Let's look at some news articles and TRANSLATE the embedded subset codes and concepts.

Thanks to Isaac Asimov .....

Foundation series - Wikipedia

The Foundation series is a science THEORY .. thought implants of mathematical power series .... VIA a series of books by Isaac Asimov. For nearly thirty years, the series was a trilogy: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, ...

Publication history · ‎Plot · ‎Development and themes · ‎The Foundation series

Foundation series ... Trantor - Wikipedia

The Foundation series is a science fiction series of books by Isaac Asimov. For nearly thirty ... Prelude to Foundation opens on the planet Trantor, the empire's capital planet, the day after Hari Seldon has given a speech at a conference.

Foundation series ... Trantor
Foundation series ... Trantor
Foundation series ... Tran   tor + Nikola Tesla (subset code-->sla)

Found code ....... Tran sla  tor --> Translator

Hawks --> Stephen Hawking secret  messages

above words --> Hawks underachievers ....
.....................................sun  .....  astronomy and astrophysics students fail to help in the EARTH Science wars  ..... the language and THOUGHT CONTROL wars ....
 that  math and science students and professors ignore.

above words --> Hawks underachievers ....  PROBLEM   is their
.......................... cotton underwear   achievers in the bedroom with   women .......
as male  astronomy students show  females ....... the male penis ..the bio-telescope that extends  ......

Extending Brass Telescope

Extending Brass Telescope

Extending (desire)    Bra  ass Telescope

The Base 16 layers ..

Code names above

Stephane --> Stephen Hawking
Quintal--> Quintessential Tal --> Tallahassee FSU Paul Dirac physics

above code words..

Smith --> information pointer to --> 

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics - Harvard University
Collaboration between Harvard College Observatory and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory | Research Centers ...

Nov 27, 2013 - The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory is a research center of the Smithsonian Institution. The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) is a collaboration of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the Harvard College Observatory. The mission of the CfA is to ...

above code words..

Zhamnov  --> subset code --> ham = Hydrogen atomic mass 1 --> 

Above proper nouns  ....

Suhonen -->  Su +   hon +  en --> Sun photon english language .....the electromagnetic field LIFE FORMS and their thoughts ...........  that use the EM Post Office system that was announced in year 1922 by EM expression agent --> Emily Post

Tony Amonte --> AM  --> atomic mass (computer) access method used by atomic, bio-physics humanoids ....... below, the system internals of Tony Amonte

Bob Probert  --> Bob  P   robert  --> Bob is a parallel name for Robert.

Robert --> abbreviated / shorthand code word --> Rob ..the microbiology code

Robert --> abbreviated / shorthand code word --> Rob ..the microbiology code

Bob Probert  
Bob Probert  
Bob Probe   --> thus the microbiology BRAIN probe using words, letters, codes  .....
the PROBE of the brain SYMBOL ENGINES and the  secret neuroscience manipulation LANGUAGES

Bob Probert  
Bob Probert  
Bob Probe   .....  code word BOB  and its  linkage in the SYMBOL WORLD and physical reality events ..... is  useful    ...the famous BOB BoBoLINK battle in Milwaukee Wisconsin 

Notice atomic code -->  63rd Street is copper atom mass 63 (city of elctri.CITY)   and its runs parallel to atomic element Ag = Silver atom (which conducts electri.CITY)

Does silver conduct electricity.... city of electron energy ? | › Science › Physics › Electricity
Silver is the most conductive element. However, it is not often used to conduct electricity because it is more expensive than copper and tarnishes more readily ...

Thus the automobiles /motor vehicles on  the street  ...are like ELECTRONS  ..thus  allowing Nature's systems to do comparative studies  between copper and silver ELECTRON FLOW.

Above translation --> Quintal -->

 Qu  + int + al --> Quantum integers ..algorithms, alphabets, languages   with integer agents

Piermaria Oddone - Wikipedia
Piermaria J Oddone is a Peruvian-American particle physicist. Born in Peru in 1944, Oddone earned his bachelor's degree in Physics at the Massachusetts ...

Fermilab History of odd integers  
and Archives Project |

Piermaria Odd ... one
 = 1,3,5,7,9, SKU11
Pier Oddone The Piermaria Oddone Collection (2013) consists of an oral history interview with Oddone. Additional information on Piermaria Oddone:

Pier Oddone of Berkeley Lab Named Fermilab Director
Nov 19, 2004 - “I am delighted to announce the appointment of Pier Oddone to be Fermilab's next director,” Bernthal said. “His stature as a distinguished ...

Steven Chu - Wikipedia
Jump to U.S. Secretary of Energy - Steven Chu is an American physicist. He is known for his research at Bell Labs and Stanford University regarding the ...
President‎: ‎Barack Obama
Political party‎: ‎Democratic
Awards‎: ‎Nobel Prize in Physics‎ (1997)
Children‎: ‎2

Dr. Steven Chu | Department of Energy
Dr. Steven Chu served as the Secretary of Energy from January 21, 2009, to April 22, 2013. Dr. Chu was charged with helping implement
 President O = Oxygen base 16 agent --> Obama = O base map  ...

Steven Chu | Department of Physics
Steven Chu is the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Physics and Professor of ... Dr. Chu was the 12th U.S. Secretary of Energy from January 2009 until the end ...

Above , top line --> Daze Nylander Sullivan  (DNS ) ,... the human bio-internet system 

DNS -->.

The Difference Between DNS and  (HUMAN)  Name Servers - › Home › Articles
The DNS (Domain Name System) is a massive network of servers that comprises the largest digital database on the planet. This database is maintained, ...

Above codes
--> Montreal ....
...............real ...reality wars with music and Hollywood mentality

--> New York rangers  --> New rangers
 --> Isaac Newton ideas (source Domain) and the mapping range

On the night of February 20, 2016, a series of apparently random shootings took place at an apartment complex, a car dealership, and outside a restaurant in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. Six people were killed and two others were injured. Police detained a 45-year-old Uber driver, Jason Brian Dalton, as a "strong ...
Shootings · ‎Suspect · ‎Victims · ‎Legal proceedings
Several dramatic outbursts by accused Kalamazoo, Michigan, gunman Jason Dalton caused one of his victims to cry hysterically on the stand this morning, ...

John Dalton  atomic social chemistry .... reveals the cause of shooting suspect Jason Dalton's removal ...
May 23, 2016 - (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - For the first time, we can show you exactly what sparked suspected mass murderer Jason Dalton's removal from court on Friday during his preliminary hearing. ... He's accused of shooting eight people in three locations in the Kalamazoo area on Feb. 20; six died.

What Is a Predicate? (grammar lesson) - Grammar Monster
What Is the Predicate of a Sentence? (with Examples) ... The predicate is the part of a sentence (or clause) which tells us what the subject does or is. ... The subject is what the sentence is about, and the predicate is a comment about the subject.

Predicate (grammar) - Wikipedia
Predicates in traditional grammar. ... The predicate is one of the two main parts of a sentence (the other being the subject, which the predicate modifies). The predicate must contain a verb, and the verb requires or permits other elements to complete the predicate, or it precludes them from doing so.

English sentences are composed of a topic and something said about that topic,
 commonly referred to as the subject and predicate.

                          SENTENCE         =           SUBJECT         +           PREDICATE

Keywords --> Caminiti  ...algebra subset code letters

--> Cam  = C + am  = Carbon atomic mass 12 ..


geography  regions of

C = Cleveland (Tamir Rice)    and
C = Cincinnati  (Samuel DuBose)

Shooting of Tamir Rice - Wikipedia

The shooting of Tamir Rice, a carbon 12 .... age 12 -year-old African-American boy (June 25, 2002 – November 23, 2014), occurred on November 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio.
Deaths‎: ‎Tamir Elijah Rice
Cause‎: ‎Gunshot
Date‎: ‎November 22, 2014
Location‎: ‎Cudell Recreation Center, Cleveland, ...

Shooting of Samuel DuBose - Wikipedia
On July 19, 2015, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Samuel DuBose, an unarmed black man, was fatally shot ... Samuel "Sam" Vincent DuBose (March 12, 1972 – July 19, 2015), a 43-year-old black man, was a rapper, music producer, entrepreneur, and ...

What Sam DuBose's rap sheet tells us about him and the police
Oct 20, 2016 - The Enquirer analyzed DuBose’s lengthy Hamilton County record and found a pattern: He would be pulled over for a minor traffic offense – say, not wearing a seat belt or speeding. ... It added up: DuBose, who was shot and killed by a police officer during a July 19 traffic stop ...

What Sam DuBose's rap sheet 

IBM Systems Network Architecture - Wikipedia

Jump to Logical Unit (LU) - SNA defines several kinds of devices, called Logical Unit types: LU0 provides ... LU2 devices are IBM 3270 display terminals.

Logical units - IBM
A logical unit is a device or application program by which an end user (an application program, a terminal user, or an input/output mechanism) gains access to a ...

Summary of logical unit (LU) types - IBM
This chapter describes the logical unit (LU) types that WSim currently supports. It also gives an example of the hardware or software products that typically use ...

Defining the Logical Unit (LU) Name - IBM
Defining the Logical Unit (LU) Name. The topology server can communicate with the NetView environment through an LU 6.2 conversation. To communicate ...

What is logical unit (LU)? - Definition from › Topics › Networking › Network software

In IBMs Systems Network Architecture SNA a logical unit LU identifies an end user in an SNA network By end user IBM means either a human being that i...

By end user IBM means either a human being that i..

By end user IBM means either a human being that i..

By end user IBM means either a human being that is a superior bio-computer..
such as the Justice Department and the
Spanish Language secret  bio-computer network  with LU = Luis ..

Spanish math and bio-math secrets  of Gonzalez --->  ez   -->

Diversity on the Bench - History of the Federal Judiciary
History of the Federal Judiciary. Diversity on the Bench. African American Judges on the Federal Courts · American Indian Judges on the Federal Courts

How Judges and Justices Are Chosen by Nature's carbon black molecule expression systems
The Senate Judiciary Committee reviews the president's nominees to the federal bench before they are confirmed on the Senate floor. The committee holds its ...

Symbolism | Definition of Symbolism by Merriam-Webster
1 : the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible

 by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible
 by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible
 by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible ...

Hugo Black  explains the existence of carbon black molecules,
SYMBOLISM, and molecule human representatives

- Supreme Court Justice, U.S. Representative, Lawyer ...
Apr 2, 2014 - Born on February 27, 1886, in Harlan, Alabama, Hugo Black pursued a law career before becoming a U.S. Senator. He was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with outrage ensuing over Black's former membership with the Ku Klux Klan.

Hugo Black and the Grand Design ....   BATTLE  - Wikipedia
Hugo Lafayette Black (February 17, 1886 – September 25, 1971) was an American politician who served as a Democratic United States Senator and represented Alabama in the Senate from 1927 to 1937, and served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1937 to 1971.

Hugo Lafayette Black (Feb 17, 1886 – Sept 25, 1971) was an American politician
Hugo Lafayette Black (Feb 17, 1886 – Sept 25, 1971) was an American politician
........  Lafayette B --> Battle site 

2015 Supreme Court  battle  ....... the  Lafayette shooting - Wikipedia
On July 23, 2015, a shooting occurred at the Grand 16 movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. John Russell Houser, age 59, opened fire during a showing of the ...
Shooting · ‎Aftermath · ‎Perpetrator · ‎Victims
Jan 14, 2016 - ... with the Lafayette Police Department on Wednesday issued the final investigative report into the July 23 shooting at the Grand 16 Theatre.

Three dead, nine injured in movie theater shooting - The Daily Advertiser
Jul 24, 2015 - Lafayette police confirmed shortly before 8 p.m. law enforcement officers responded to a call about an active shooter at the Grand 16 Lafayette ...

The Particle Adventure | Unsolved Mysteries  at the
 Grand 16  Molecule View
--> Mo + Vie  --> Brain MOVIE theaters

and the Brain Dead  ....
that see the DEAD see scrolls (optical  nerve movies that constantly repeat their content and errors......... the language script scroll)

SEE cle VieO | Grand Unified Theory
Today, one of the major goals of particle physics is to unify the various fundamental forces in a Grand Unified Theory which could offer a more elegant ...

Marty Reasoner - Wikipedia
Martin Ernest Reasoner (born February 26, 1977) is an American former professional ice hockey center. He played in the National Hockey League (NHL) with ...

Marty Reasoner Stats and News |
Get all the latest stats, news, videos and more on Marty Reasoner. ... All NHL team jerseys customized with NHL players' names and numbers are officially ...

Marty Reasoner Stats and News 

Martin Ernest Reasoner (born February 26, 1977) is an American former professional ice hockey center.

born February 26, 1977 --> Max Born Fe= Ferrous oxide IRON atomic number 26 and its English alphabet of 26 letters of prose .... words ..

prosecutor ERRORS such as Boston 26 mile race TRIAL  ..of the Boston BS human race and its brain INTELLECTUAL dribble errors ....

American former professional ice hockey center.
American former pro fe  ssional ice hoc key center.

American former pro  fe  --> protons/prose ...   of fe = ferrous oxide   ....
in the ice-berg MODEL ....
ice hoc   key center --> Central Nervous System 370 SYMBOL and CONCEPT processor


Images for hockey player reasonerImages for hockey player reasonerImages for hoc  key  p  layer reason   er

Images for hoc   key processing    layer
 reason/ thou
ght/ explanations error 

Age of reason - Wikipedia
Age of reason may refer to: 17th-century philosophy, as a successor of the Renaissance and a predecessor to the Age of Enlightenment; Age of Enlightenment ...

Age of Reason - About History
Age of Reason - Learn about this eighteenth century movement. What beliefs impacted this time period? How did open thought and personal liberty impact ...

Thomas Paine - The Age of Reason - Liberty Online
The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is Reason. .... many years before; by the Quakers since; and by many good men in all ages, it has not ...

Age of Enlightenment - Wikipedia
There is little consensus on the precise beginning of the Age of Enlightenment; the beginning of the 18th century (1701) or the middle of the 17th century (1650) are often used as epochs.

European politics, philosophy, science and communications were radically reoriented during the course of the “long 18th century” (1685-1815) as part of a movement referred to by its participants as the Age of Reason, or simply the Enlightenment.

Enlightenment - Facts & Summary -

Hmong American
Hmong American
Hmong American

Chai Vang  and the Hmong codes- Wikipedia
Chai Soua Vang (born September 24, 1968) is a Hmong American from Laos who was convicted of murder. Vang shot eight people while on a hunting trip in ...

American Hmong 
American Hmong 
Am ..... atomic mass  Hmong  --> Among  ..... living WORDS  of the  living language of the periodic atomic table ..... En --> Energy units and their En --> English words

10 years ago, 6 deer hunters slain in woods of western Wisconsin ...
Nov 20, 2014 - Terry Willers of Rice Lake, a hunter who received a serious neck wound when Vang shot him, once told me: “What happened sure changed a ...

'DECISION Tree Stand Murders' recounts St. Paul (Dirac's)   manuscript for a man .......   Wisconsin deer hunter ...
Mar 21, 2015 - A decade ago on the opening day of Wisconsin's gun deer hunting season, St. ... incident in which Vang shot and killed Bob and Joey Crotteau, Denny Drew, ... The library of Rice Lake was very generous to allow us to use a ...

Vang acknowledged shooting the people, but challenged the chain of events that caused a dispute over a deer stand to become violent and escalate into multiple deaths.
Vang, who lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota at the time of the shootings, is imprisoned at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.[1]

Vang, who lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Vang, who lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Vang, who lived in Saint Paul,(Dirac)   Min  --> Mini-max theorem DECISION Theory

is imprisoned at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.[1]
is imprisoned at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.[1]
is imprisoned at the An --> Atomic number  State Penitentiary.

is imprisoned at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.[1]
is imprisoned at the An   am    os ...... State Penitentiary.[1]
is imprisoned at the

An  = Atomic number
Am = Atomic mass    opertaing system (atomic computer)   ..... State Penitentiary

The History of IBM Operating Systems
Oct 3, 1989 - The history of IBM ``operating systems'' is really not difficult. ... OS/360 is the origin of JCL (Job Control Language), as we think of it, and thus ...

JOB and EXEC Statements
The operating system read the job stream in fixed (card) order and responded ... OS/JCL. This chapter and Chapter 12 introduce traditional IBM job control ...

JOB and EXEC Statements 

JOB and EXEC Statements 

JOB  EXECUTION Statements  ... of DEATH  JOBS  approved by
Base 16 Hexadecimal Highway 16 Wisconsin
and the Base 16 address space  --> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

The Base 16 HEX .. COMPUTER JOB execution approved for
human bio-computers at April 16, 2007 at Virginia TECH 

but challenged the chain of events that caused a dispute 
but challenged the chain of events that caused a dispute 
but challenged the chain of events that caused a dispute 
but challenged the chain of events that caused a dispute 

Herbert Spencer on Education - Page 60 - Google Books Result
To the slowly growing acquaintance with the uniform co-existences and sequences of phenomena — to the establishment of invariable laws, we owe our ...

§7: THE DATA OF ETHICS (1879) by Herbert Spencer
... Life is the definite combination of heterogeneous changes, both simultaneous and successive, in correspondence with external coexistences and sequences; ...

Hilbert space .....
M-theory application code  --> Milbert
  - Wikipedia
The mathematical concept of a Hilbert space, named after David Hilbert, generalizes the notion of Euclidean space. It extends the methods of vector algebra and calculus from the two-dimensional Euclidean plane and three-dimensional space to spaces with any finite or infinite number of dimensions.

Hilbert Space -- from Wolfram MathWorld › ... › Mathematical Humor
by EW Weisstein - ‎2004 - ‎Cited by 4 - ‎Related articles
A Hilbert space is a vector space with an inner product such that the norm defined by. turns into a complete metric space. If the metric defined by the norm is not complete, then is instead known as an inner product space. Examples of finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces include. 1.

Cambridge University  fails  .....

4th straight loss  ..code  -->
4 ...............10 binary --> decimal 2

thus 42  --> information pointer to  year 1942  and
Cambridge university ......
featherless bipeds/ chicken brain school and their
inability in the  C. P. Snow ..... TWO CULTURES wars

BellSouth - Wikipedia
BellSouth Corporation was an American telecommunications holding company based in Atlanta, Georgia. BellSouth was one of the seven original Regional Bell Operating Companies after the U.S. Department of Justice forced the American Telephone & Telegraph Company to divest itself ...
Number of employees‎: ‎63,000
Products‎: ‎Telephone‎, Internet, Television
Headquarters‎: ‎Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Subsidiaries‎: ‎BellSouth Telecommunica...

Bell South Telecommunications - Wikipedia
BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC is an operating company of AT&T that serves the ... South Central Bell Telephone Company was the sister company to Southern Bell under BellSouth ownership. South Central Bell was headquartered in ...
Formerly called‎: ‎SBT&T Co. Southern B...
Headquarters‎: ‎AT&T Midtown Center‎; At...
Founded‎: ‎1983
Products‎: ‎POTS‎, ‎DSL

Above code --> Adam 39  --> am 39 --> atomic mass 39  .......

bio-physics message,
bio-chemistry message and a K-channel neuroscience message

code name -->  Belinda  --> Be + lin + da  -->   Base line data

Meet the U.S. Attorney | USAO-MA | Department of Justice
Mar 9, 2016 - Carmen M. Ortiz was nominated by President Barack Obama, as the United States Attorney for the atomic MASS  .....   District of Massachusetts and confirmed by ...

Carmen Milagros Ortiz (born January 5, 1956) is the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. In 2009, she was nominated to the position by ...

Carmen Ortiz -

Douglas fir - Wikipedia
Pseudotsuga menziesii, commonly known as Douglas fir or Douglas-fir, is an evergreen conifer species native to western North America.
Missing: carmenortiz

Douglas-Fir - National Wildlife Federation
Description: Douglas-fir trees, which are also called red firs, Oregon pines, and Douglas spruce, are neither true fir trees nor pines nor spruces! The scientific ...
Missing: carmenortiz

Douglas-Fir cellulose extension system  -->  cell  forms -->


Golan Heights - Wikipedia
The Golan Heights or simply the Golan or the Syrian Golan, is a region in the Levant. The western two-thirds of the Golan Heights are currently occupied and ...
In Biblical times, the Golan Heights was referred to as "Bashan;" the word "Golan" apparently derives from the biblical city of "Golan in Bashan," (Deuteronomy ...

Golan Heights  code of Chicago citizens   Wikipedia 


.......... golan
Chicagoland consists of the Chicago metropolitan area in northeastern Illinois, including Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Broader definitions also include ...

Justice Douglas - Wikipedia
Justice Douglas may refer to: William O. Douglas, an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court; Andrew Douglas (judge), an Associate Justice of the ...

The Tragedy of Nature and Arthur Schopenhauer....
Will and William O. Douglas | The Nation
Mar 27, 2003 - He sat on the US Supreme Court for more than thirty-five years (1939-75), longer than any other Justice, and during those years he wrote some ...

William O. Douglas | Oyez
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States ... in nature, William O. Douglas set the record for longest continuous service on the Supreme Court.

Wisconsin Teen Samuel Hengel Dies After Shooting Self in Hostage ...
Nov 30, 2010 - The gunman, identified as Marinette High School sophomore Sam Hengel, was prounced dead by the county coroner this morning, Marinette ...

Motive of Samuel Hengel, 15, in school hostage seige remains ...

Nov 30, 2010 - Samuel Hengel died Tuesday morning at a Green Bay, Wis., hospital ... 30, 2010 in Marinette, Wis. about a hostage situation at Marinette High ...

Code --> S.. Cicero --> SC --> Sub-conscious MIND road maps


Penn Medicine "Brain Road Maps" Reflect Behavior Differences ...
Feb 9, 2016 - The Penn team, including senior author Ragini Verma, PhD, an associate professor in the Center for Biomedical Image Computing and ...

Road Map for the BRAIN Initiative › About NINDS › Director's Messages

Aug 13, 2014 - When President Obama announced the BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) in April 2013, the ...

Maps of Brain .... a city in France

Here are several maps of Brain.

You will find the road map of Brain with a routing module. This dynamic road map of France (in sexagesimal coordinates WGS84) is centered on the town of Brain.

The location of Brain in France is shown below on several maps of France. The mapping system of these base maps of Brain is the french mapping system: Lamber93.
These base maps of Brain are reusable and modifiable by making a link to this page of the website or by using the given code.       

ROAD MAP BRAIN : maps of Brain 21350 -
Map of France
 and the Franchise Industry secret languages › Bourgogne › Côte-d'Or › Brain
ROAD MAP BRAIN : road map, relief map, administrative maps, geographic information and location of Brain on the map of France 21350 Côte-d'Or. 

Code --> Rhode area rug -=-> Rhode Island math area on the EARTH surface

Code --> Rhode area rug -=-> Rh  +  ode  --> Rh factors code in B100D

Contact the American
Mathematical Society

Mathematical Society

.......hemat       Society

......hematology  bio-math and numerical control systems ....   Society

Mohawk people - Wikipedia
The Mohawk people (who identify as Kanien'kehá:ka) are the most easterly tribe of the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois Confederacy. The name means "People of the Flint Place." They are an Iroquoian-speaking indigenous people of North America.

Mohawk people at Cambridge  University - Wikipedia
The Mohawk people (who identify as Kanien'kehá:ka) are the most easterly tribe of the Haudenosaunee,
Ir = Infra-red .... red skin HEAT LANGUAGE  of the
Iroquois BEDROOM Confederacy with Cambridge, England and the HOT numbers (women) of the math  number theorists   and their science department associates

The name means "People of the Flint Place." They are an Iroquoian-speaking indigenous people of North Am .... Atomic mass .

Etymology ·
History since colon / rectum evolution  process of  Colonization ·
20th century to present

Stephen Hawking  and his identity - Wikipedia
Stephen William Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical ...

Hawking was the  MoHawk .....  Lucasian Professor of Mathematics

Hawking was the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge between 1979 and 2009 and has achieved commercial success with works of popular science in which he discusses his own theories and cosmology in general; his book A Brief History of Time appeared on the British Sunday Times best-seller list for a record-breaking 237 weeks.

for a record-breaking 237 weeks.

for a record-breaking 23  37 weeks.

for a record-breaking 23 chromosome pairs  with 37 Celsius degrees tempertaure.

What is Metabolism? - News Medical

Metabolism is a term that is used to describe all chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells and the organism. Metabolism can be conveniently divided into two categories: Catabolism - the breakdown of molecules to obtain energy.

What is Metabolism?

Zoom in - definition of zoom in by The Free Dictionary
(Photography) photog films television to increase rapidly the magnification of the image of a distant object by means of a zoom lens. 2. (Film) photog films ...

The modern molecule  family
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ami -->  amino acids
.......................................ami --> amish agents and their  incomplete explanation/cover-up  about the Lancaster shooting..

Amish School Shooting in Lancaster PA › The Amish

School Shooting in an Amish One-Room School ......
one room representing Nature's  molecule education site.

. ... It’s normally quiet and peaceful in the rolling Amish farmlands of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. ... The shooting took place at the West Nickel Mines Amish School, located about 12 miles southeast of Lancaster City.

ool shooting - Wikipedia
Jump to Amish community response - On the day of the shooting, a grandfather of one of the murdered Amish girls was heard warning some young ...
Date‎: ‎October 2, 2006; 10 years ago; c. ...
Deaths‎: ‎6 (including the perpetrator)
Non-fatal injuries‎: ‎5

The rotating EARTH is like an electric motor .......

Earth iron core (a fixed point center)    ..... while the  EARTH surface copper ore deposits/ copper mines ......................
 that rotate 20, 000 miles a day (the Earth circumference distance at that latitude)  relative to the EARTH center.

IBM Basic Assembly Language(BAL)    and successors  - Wikipedia
Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is the commonly used term for a low-level programming language used on IBM System/360 and successor mainframes.

Quantum Physics: Quantum Theory / Wave Mechanics
So it is clear that Waves are central to Quantum Physics and our understanding of the structure and discrete energy states of Matter (which explains why Quantum Theory is also called Quantum Wave Mechanics). ... (Erwin Schrodinger talking about quantum theory.)

The EARTH geography surface LAND an atomic energy wave surface / .. a platform of existential physics  that humans live upon
thus code words--> Wave Land

[PDF]Wave mechanics and the Schrödinger equation - Theory of ...

of wave mechanics, to introduce more advanced topics in quantum theory, it ... The formulation of a consistent theory of statistical mechanics, electrody-.

Maps and Parking  .. Kenmore  code ....  Intellectual war played out at Kenwood 

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (UWM)  is located at an attractive residential area just five blocks from
Lake atoMic
It is on Milwaukee’s upper-east side, east of the Milwaukee River, just north of Locust Street. The Physics department is in the Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex (KIRC) located at 3135 N. Maryland Ave.

Kenwood, 3135 N Maryland Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211

 just north of Locust Street. 
 just north of Locust Street. 
 just north of Locus ................... 

Root locus - Wikipedia
In control theory and stability theory, root locus analysis is a graphical method for examining how the roots of a system change with variation of a certain system ...

Control Systems/Root Locus - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
The radio has a "volume" knob, that controls the amount of gain of the system. ... Root-Locus allows you to graph the locations of the poles and zeros for every ...

 just north of Locust Street. 
 just north of Locust Street. 
 just north of Locus ................... 

Why is the Root Locus Plot/scheme  Important on Locust Street area? - Swarthmore College
To understand what root locus plots are, and why they are important, let's examine the behavior of a system when it is in a control system. Assume that the ...

Centrifugal force - Wikipedia
Jump to Absolute rotation - In Newtonian mechanics, the centrifugal force is an inertial force directed ..... That the Earth is itself an oblate spheroid, bulging at the equator where the radial distance and hence the centrifugal force is larger, ...

The Rotating Earth
Sep 22, 2004 - The bulge of the Earth's equator. Assuming the Earth is exactly spherical, we expect gravity to always point towards the center of Earth. However, the centrifugal force is perpendicular to the axis of the Earth.

Why does the rotation of the earth create
a centrifugal force and a Vincent   force? 

- Quora
Aug 20, 2015 - Tie a weight onto the end of a rope, hold the other end and use it to spin the weight around you. Notice that you have to pull inward to keep the ...

Vincent  .... centrifugal force agent  ....  Lombardi - Wikipedia

Vincent Thomas "Vince" Lombardi (June 11, 1913 – September 3, 1970) was an American football player, coach, and executive in the National Football League (NFL). He is best known as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers during the ...

Packers  and packed decimal numbers

.com | Vince Lombardi
Nearly four decades after his death, Vince Lombardi remains one of the most ... In his career as head coach in Green Bay, Lombardi steered the Packers to five ...

Below, Solar System agents for photosynthesis  ..

yellow sunlight and green chlorophyll  uniforms  ..

and black players symbolize Nature's  black soil/ earth ground
the black  tree trucks in a forest.

The electro-magnetic (EM)  field POST OFFICE as explained by Em life form
--> EMILY POST in her  year 1922 book.

Above, the liver disease in IOWA

Welcome City of Waterloo, Iowa
Rental Unit Registrations for the license period of January 1 to December 31, 2017, are due by November 1, 2016. The fee for registration is $25.00 per rental ...

Waterloo, Iowa - Wikipedia,_Iowa
Waterloo is a city in and the county seat of Black Hawk County, Iowa, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census the population decreased by 0.5% to ...

Welcome City of Waterloo, Iowa
Rental Unit Registrations for the license of menstruation period of January 1 to December 31, 2017, are due by November 1, 20 standard amino acids and Oxygen base 16.

  The fee for regis television show .... electro-magnetic  BRAIN stEM   .. is $25.00 per rental ...

Waterloo, Iowa - Wikipedia,_Iowa

Waterloo is a city in and the county seat of   the astrophysics EARTH LAB region ..
known as  Black Hawk County, Iowa, United States.
As of the 2010 United States Census the population decreased by 0.5% to ...

Waterloo religious Convent .... Convention & Visitors Bureau -
Events and Event Horizons,
Hotels and David Hilbert's Hotel 

& More!
It's Iowa's largest! Plus, dig a little deeper and check out our family-friendly festivals and events. Watch episodes below from our travel series -
 "Travel Waterloo .....  travel water ......  travel waterbags with  FETUS brains".

M-theory has 11 dimensions
M-theory has 11 dimensions
M-theory has 11 dimensions such dimension of expression .... is the earthly inverse universe  ....and other formats are language inverses ..such as the George Orwell word inverse and the Spanish language inverted question mark  ..... all factors inside the brain Symbol processor

Inverted question marks (¿) and exclamation marks (Commonwealth English) or exclamation points (American English) (¡) are punctuation marks used to begin interrogative and exclamatory sentences (or clauses), respectively, in written Spanish and sometimes also in languages which have cultural ties with Spanish, such as ...

why are question marks upside down? | SpanishDict Answers for Carmen Ortiz and her staff of 200 people › Q&A › Vocabulary & Grammar
Mar 7, 2013 - Why is there a upside down question mark"¿" in the begging of a question?? ... This is one of my favorite Spanish questions of all time! Also ... › ... › Write in Spanish › Spanish Punctuation

The upside-down or inverted question marks and exclamation points of Spanish are unique to the languages of Spain. But they make a lot of sense: When ...

M-Theory: The Mother of all SuperStrings : Explorations in Science ...

M-theory, moreover, may even force string theory to change its name. ... In 11 dimensions, in fact, there are alternate super theories based on membranes as ...

In M-theory, everything may arise from strings, bubbles and sheets in higher dimensions of space-time. Membranes take the shape of them all. M-theory has 11 dimensions so it is more fundamental perhaps than strings. Gravity is the geometry of space-time. “Matrix” theory is based on an infinite number of zero-branes (particles). Their coordinates are not ordinary numbers but matrices, making space-time a fuzzy concept.

A testable holistic model is the Holy Grail of science, a “theory of everything”, or T.O.E. uniting all the forces of nature, including gravity. In principle it would explain everything from the macroscopic Big Bang to the most elusive microscopic phenomena. Yet it has remained elusive. However, science is only roughly 200 years old and growing exponentially. 

Article words --> A bush gathers sand  --> President  Bush and the Iraq-Kuwait sand war region in 1990 / 1991 ...that is the EARTH    sand/ silicon dioxide .....  electron circuit  wars  played out on the EARTH geography surface region in Kuwait.

Below, a MOS site --> Mosque

directions | Department of Physics | The University of Chicago

The administrative offices of the Department of Physics are located in the ... the southwest corner of East 57th Street and South Ellis Avenue at 5720 South Ellis.

Tim Wakefield - Wikipedia
Jump to Boston Red Sox - Six days after being released from the Pirates, Wakefield was signed by the Boston Red Sox. He worked with Phil and Joe ...
Win–loss record‎: ‎200–180
Strikeouts‎: ‎2,156
Earned run average‎: ‎4.41

Tim Wakefield Statistics and History | › Encyclopedia of Players › W Listing
Career: 200-180, 4.41 ERA, 2156 SO (62nd), P, AllStar, RedSox/Pirates 1992-2011, t:R, born in USA 1966.

Tim Wakefield Statistics and History

Time of  Death ..... funeral Wake  DEMO ....  Wakefield Statistics and History

Wakefield  COMPUTER EARTH  base registers ......
baseball (Base   BALL = Basic Assembler Land Language)  ... massacre - Wikipedia
Mass Murder. Weapons. AK-47 variant,; 12-gauge Winchester 1300 shotgun, .32 caliber Retolaza pistol. Deaths, 7. Perpetrator, Michael McDermott. 

The Wakefield massacre occurred on Tuesday, December 26, 2000, at Edgewater Technology ... He fired off a total of 37 rounds at humans with 37 Celsius degrees temperature ERRORS ... shooting his victims in the BACK  of the head ..... creating a feedBACK   systems message

Wakefield rampage 'an unforgettable event' -

The Boston Globe
 explains that human bio-computer ....
executable instrustions CAN  cause human executions
Dec 26, 2010 - Emotions raw 10 years after shooting ... Wakefield who were gunned down by a co-worker in the worst mass murder in Massachusetts history.

Above word --> Soccer ball  --> algebra subset codes

--> Soc    BAL (computer Language ABENDS) .>  .Soc --> System OC  abend codes

ZOS ABEND S0C7 Data exception error in file record - MainframeTips ...
Jun 22, 2012 - – link to ZOS MVS ... SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C7 REASON CODE=00000000.

0C7 Error (System Completion Code=0C7) - IBM Cobol - ibm mainframe ...
Mar 8, 2011 - I am having a problem with a 0C7 error. This one :The system detected a data exception (System Completion Code=0C7). From compile.



Below, the Peru PER  systems agent at FermiLAB .....    Pier Oddone

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Under Investigation by
Valiant   agents  ....  Federal Prose extensions   .... Prosecutors ...
Oct 15, 2015 - Federal prosecutors asked Valeant for information on drug pricing, ... intends to cooperate with the investigations,” Valeant said in a statement.

Valeant under federal investigation for how it prices drugs - Fortune
Oct 15, 2015 - Valeant under federal investigation for how it prices drugs. ... Valeant Pharmaceuticals received subpoenas from federal prosecutors demanding more information concerning how it prices and distributes its drugs, according to public documents filed late Wednesday.

Valeant under federal investigation 

 Valeant Pharmaceuticals received subpoenas 
 Valeant Pharmaceuticals received sub poenas 
 Valeant Pharmaceuticals received sub-conscious MIND   poetry nasty .... 
 Valeant Pharmaceuticals received sub-conscious  POE  ....P order entry with

Edgar Allan Poe and the  SUB-conscious   MIND language region   ...

Poe subpoena  with J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI

- Wikipedia
Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, editor, and literary critic. Poe is best known for his poetry and short stories, particularly his tales of mystery and the ...

J. Edgar Hoover  .......
the mystery  extension of Edgar Allan Poe
- Wikipedia
John Edgar Hoover (January 1, 1895 – May 2, 1972) was the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States. He was appointed as ...

J. Edgar Hoover - Government Official -
May 25, 2016 - Synopsis. Born January 1, 1895, in Washington, D.C., J. Edgar Hoover joined the Justice Department in 1917 and was named director of the ...

Shields (Star Trek) - Wikipedia
In the Star Trek earthly parallel  universe, shields refer to a 23rd and 24th century technology that provides starships, space stations, and planets with limited protection ...
First appearance‎: ‎Star Trek‎; "‎Balance of ...
Function‎: ‎Protects ships, space stations, ...
Created by‎: ‎(Series); ‎Gene Roddenberry‎; ...

Deflector shield | Memory Alpha | Fandom powered by Wikia
On starships, the shield contained six sections, forward, starboard, port, aft, dorsal, and ventral. (Star Trek Nemesis) Shield energies could be emitted from 

Jeremy Roenick --> Roe -->

Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting - Wikipedia
On August 5, 2012, a massacre took place at the gurdwara (Sikh temple) in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where 40-year-old Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people ...
Motive‎: ‎Racial hatred
Target‎: ‎Worshipers at a Sikh temple
Deaths‎: ‎7 (Including perpetrator)
Non-fatal injuries‎: ‎4

Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people ...
Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people ...
Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people ...
Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people (carbon ..atomic number 6 = six) ..

Jeremy Roenick -->
Jeremy Roenick -->
Jeremy Roenick -->
Jeremy Roenick -->  Argonne National Lab  and Fed Government ERRORS create atomic social science problems  ERRORS

Jeremy Wand convicted in the Argonne created ,,,,,
Argyle fire that killed 3 boys | Local News ...
Jun 12, 2013 - Jeremy Wand convicted in Argyle fire that killed 3 boys ... to felony murder for the death of the fetus Armin's wife, Sharon Wand, was carrying.

Sharon Wand, was carrying.
Sharon Wand, was carrying ....... proper noun .. atomic codes.
Sha   ron .W an       ca  arry.
Share electron   W particle    an = atomic number (VSAM Ca) control area array  ..... 

W particle | subatomic particle  rigged  TRIAL
and the Department of Energy cover-up
W particle, one of two massive electrically charged subatomic particles that are thought to transmit the weak force—that is, the force that governs radioactive ...

Sentence gives Jeremy Wand chance for parole after Argyle triple ...
Aug 22, 2013 - DARLINGTON — An Argyle man who helped kill his three young ... A neighbor boy spotted someone he thought was Jeremy running from ... 
Medina called the murders “one of the most heinous offenses to occur in Wisconsin.

An 18-year-old Argyle man was convicted Wednesday ....
......18 atomic vertical columns ..the 18  families of the periodic table ...
and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family

It was similar to the deal made in March by his brother, 33-year-old Armin Wand III, just days before his trial was scheduled to begin. The elder brother was convicted in March of killing his children Allen Wand, 7; Jeffery Wand, 5; and Joseph Wand, 3.

 The elder brother was convicted in March
 The elder brother was convicted in March
 The elder brother was convicted in March ..........
. in the advanced organic  chemistry .....  social chemistry WAR trial..

The elder brother was convicted in March of killing his children
Allen Wand, 7; Jeffery Wand, 5; and Joseph Wand, 3

--> electron sub-shell orbital numbers 3, 5,  7

of helping his older brother kill his three young children in a house fire they deliberately set last September.

Jeremy Wand pleaded guilty in a Lafayette County court
 (the rigged TRIAL ... an insult to Nature's existential Alan Turing .......
 SYMBOL and CONCEPT MACHINE  of Grand Unified Theory and   SYSTEM 370 Base 16 hexadecimal) ,,   thus the EARTH SYSTEMS   revenge in Grand Unified Theory  military  COURT ......... in Lafayette Louisania   ......

The Particle Adventure | Unsolved Mysteries | Grand Unified Theory
Today, one of the major goals of particle physics is to unify the various fundamental forces in a Grand Unified Theory which could offer a more elegant ...
Physicists hope that a Grand Unified Theory will unify 

Grand Unified Theory military forces   ACTION in the
rigged atomic social science  TRIAL  .....
the Argonne / Argyle case in the Lafayette COURT HOUSE  


2012 Aurora shooting

On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. A gunman, dressed in tactical clothing, set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms. About 12 people were killed and 70 others were injured,

On July 20, 2012,
On July 20, 2012,
On July 20, 2012 ...Nature's optical nerve ...... PHOTON information processor orders
.............20, 20   --> 20/20 vision  WAR ZONE

20/20 Optical Center and
Nature's .......  human Central Nervous SYSTEM 370 military defense system against  citizen  bull-story nonsense tricks and schemes
At 20/20 Optical Center, we take the time to get to know you, your eye care SOFTWARE  data processing  history, and your vision needs to look at algebra and physics textbooks about  the index of reflection and  Snell's Law, etc.

Our optometrist provides the expert care, advice on BRAIN thought development using  science textbooks  and exercises. 

Are you and EAR HEAD  with a talking mouth ......  are you a MUSIC HEAD .....convert ..

use light for the optical religious experience known as the Age of Enlightenment ....become aware of bull-shit,  language schemes and other BIG BROTHER manipulations of your LAZY  mind.

Cinemark Wants Color .....
optical nerve STATE of MIND (Color.ADO) ......Theater of WAR   ...

Shooting Victims.

Jun 30, 2016 - Over a month after a state jury declared the nation’s third-largest exhibition chain was not responsible for the fatal Colorado theater shooting at the Aurora Century 16 multiplex,

The IRON interface LINK between the Beatle biology music ....

INTERNAL iron motor vehicles  of hemoglobin  and the
EXTERNAL iron automobile motor vehicle


Journal of Hepatology  Liver  MUSIC  from Liverpool

Journal of Hepatology is published by Elsevier for the European Association for the Study of the Liver. Access this journal on ScienceDirect. Visit ScienceDirect ...

What is Hep ... Hepatology? - News and  Medical Jive

Nov 19, 2014 - Hepatology is a branch of medicine concerned with the study, prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases that affect the liver, ...

What is Hepatology with the  bio-computer 

subroutine CALL of Calloway? - News Medical

Nov 19, 2014 - Hepatology is a branch of me ..... human meat  medicine concerned with the stud ......penis stud study, prevention, diagnosis and management of SOFTWARE language diseases
that affect the liver data processing / thoughts of
of Federal atomic bio-physics  humans at the LAW  of Liver LABS   ... in    Livermore California.

Potassium channel structures : Article : Nature Reviews Neuroscience › Journal home › Archive › Review
by S Choe - ‎2002 - ‎Cited by 170 - ‎Related articles
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 3, 115-121 (February 2002) | doi :10.1038/nrn727 ... The molecular basis of K+ channel function is universally conserved.

Chapter 2: Ionic Mechanisms of Action Potentials - Neuroscience Online
Second, a major difference between the changes in the K+ channels and the changes in the Na+ channels is that the K+ channels are slower to activate or open.

Human bio-computers 

Che Guevara - Wikipedia
Ernesto "Che" Guevara also known as El Che, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist. A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, his stylized visage has become an ...

Ernesto "Che" Guevara, also known as El Che, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist.

 known as El Che,
 known as El Che,
 known as El Cheese  ..... Wisconsin Cheese representative

Che Guevara was a prominent communist figure in the Cuban Revolution (1956–59) who went on to become a guerrilla leader in  the
Mouth America ...
South  America.

Why is IBM ,,, the big cheese in computer science ..... called 'Big Blue'? - Quora
No one knows the definitive answer why. There are some theories (quoting Wikipedia here):. One theory, substantiated by people who worked for IBM at the time, ...

Blue cheese - Wikipedia
Blue cheese is a general classification of cheeses that have had cultures of the mold Penicillium added so that the final product is spotted or veined throughout with blue, or blue-grey mold and carries a distinct smell, either from that or various specially cultivated bacteria.

Code words

cheese implies Wisconsin

--> Swiss  --> S wiss --> South Wisconsin

--> player --> p  layer --> protein layers in the human molecular  bio-computer
 PROTEIN MACHINE (PM) and its protocol

--> back-->  molecule THOUGHTs and their  feedback systems

Tyrosine protein battle at Utoya, Lake Tyrosine  - Wikipedia
Tyrosine (Tyr or Y) or 4-hydroxyphenylalanine is one of the 22 amino acids that are used by cells to synthesize proteins. It is a non-essential amino acid with a ...
Chemical formula‎: ‎C9H11NO3
CAS Number‎: ‎60-18-4 (L)
Molar mass‎: ‎181.19 g·mol−1

Utøya protein battle site - Wikipediaøya
Utøya is an island in the Tyrifjorden lake in Hole municipality, in the county of Buskerud, ... the island, 33 of whom were under the age of 18. The massacre at Utøya remains the deadliest  shooting worldwide committed by a single gunman.

2011 Norway attacks  at  Tyrifjorden   and  Oslo
--> algebra subset codes Tyr + Os --> spells Tyrosine

- Wikipedia
The 2011 Norway attacks, referred to in Norway as 22 July (Norwegian: 22. juli), the date of the .... He also said that he honed his shooting skills using an in-game holographic sight similar to the one he used during the attacks. .... a lake some 40 kilometres (25 mi) northwest of Oslo, to the island of Utøya, the location of the ...

Desi Arnaz - Wikipedia
Jump to I Love Lucy - Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, 1957. On October 15, 1951, Arnaz co-starred in the premiere of I Love Lucy, in which he played a ...

Desi Arnaz - Film Actor, Television Actor -

Jul 8, 2014 - Desi Arnaz was a Cuban-born actor and musician who is remembered for his marriage to Lucille Ball and their TV show, I Love Lucy. ... In 1949, Arnaz developed the hit television series I Love Lucy, which ran for six years. Actor and musician Desiderio Alberto Arnaz III was born on ...

Desi Arnaz

IBM Systems Network Architecture - Wikipedia
Jump to Logical Unit (LU) - SNA essentially offers transparent communication: ... SNA defines several kinds of devices, called Logical Unit types:.

What is logical unit (LU)? - Definition from › Topics › Networking › Network software

In IBMs Systems Network Architecture SNA a logical unit LU identifies an end user in an SNA network By end user IBM means either a human being that i...

Logical Unit (LU) Connections to ......  I love logical unit LUCY
- CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS ...
Contents An LU is the addressable connection point into an SNA network with which an enduser can send and receive messages. An LU is a set o.

What is logical unit number (LUN)? - Definition from › ... › Peripherals
LUN setup varies by system. A logical unit number is assigned when a host scans a SCSI device and discovers a logical unit. The LUN identifies the specific logical unit to the SCSI initiator when combined with information such as the target port identifier.

Logical unit number - Wikipedia
In computer storage, a logical unit number, or LUN, is a number used to identify a logical unit, which is a device addressed by the SCSI protocol or Storage Area Network protocols which encapsulate SCSI, such as Fibre Channel or iSCSI.

Logical Unit (LU) - MSDN - Microsoft
A logical unit (LU) is a configurable unit of software that contains the information needed to specify the type of communications session with the host computer or ...

20 Fun Facts About 'I Love Lucy  --> LU   Cybernetics ' | Mental Floss

Feb 17, 2016 - When 'I Love Lucy' premiered in 1951, no one could have predicted that it would become one of television's most beloved and enduring ...

I Love Lucy
 (brain systems ...... SOFTWARE  INTERNALs  research  
...TV Series 1951–1957) - IMDb
Rating: 8.4/10 - ‎17,050 votes
Comedy · A daffy woman constantly strives to become a star along with her bandleader husband and gets herself in the strangest situations.

gets herself in the strangest situations.
gets herself in the strangest situations.
gets herself in the strangest situations.

Description of Transactional Analysis and Games
ice Hockey Games that generate data to explain the Ice-berg model of Signal Freud and the Just Ice ....Justice Department supremacy attitude

by Dr. Numeric Eric Berne MD

The following is an introductory description of Transactional Analysis. ... While there were many theories purporting to explain human behavior before Eric Berne, the most frequently cited and known is the work of Sigmund Freud. ... Another scientist whose contributions impacted Dr. Berne ...

Above and below  code --> Hawks Wild  -->  Hawking and Jane Wilde

Code word --> Cold --> Co + 1d --> Copper base 16 Hex'1d' =29 electrons

Above table ... ....  1d --> 29

Copper atomic mass 63 --> above and below codes

Above command words --> Orange, New Jersey (new cotton jersey shirt of clothes)

 ..cold shooting  doomed   -->  basketball WORDS  transformed to nasty reality EVENTS -->

Orange cold shooting doomed at San Bernardino  ..... Orange Show RD

San Basketball   Shooting - NBC Sports News

San Bernardino Shooting Cover-up  by NBC 

--> Nitrogen Bio-Chemistry  expression network

2015 San Bernardino shooting - Wikipedia

On December 2, 2015,  nitrogen atomic mass 14  resulted in 14 people were killed and 22 were seriously injured in a terrorist attack at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, ...


Orange cold shooting doomed at Orlando, Florida  ..... S. Orange avenue

Below, Whitewater represents hydro-electric power

Hydroelectricity - Wikipedia
Hydroelectricity is electricity produced from hydropower. In 2015 hydropower generated 16.6% of the world's total electricity and 70% of all renewable electricity, ...
"A hydraulic turbine converts the energy of flowing water into mechanical energy. A hydroelectric generator converts this mechanical energy into electricity. The operation of a generator is based on the principles discovered by Faraday.

Hydroelectricity - Wikipedia
Hydroelectricity is electricity produced from hydropower. In 2015 hydropower generated 16.6% of the world's total electricity and 70% of all renewable electricity, ...

Hydroelectric Power:
How the energy SUPREME COURT  works,
USGS Water-Science School

"A hydraulic turbine converts the energy of flowing water into mechanical energy. A hydroelectric generator converts this mechanical energy into electricity. The operation of a generator is based on the principles discovered by Faraday.

Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead ... and Bertrand ...
Title: Principia mathematica, by Alfred North Whitehead ... and Bertrand Russell. ... Thus " is a man" is formally equivalent to "2 is a featherless biped"; "' is an ...

Size of the VTAM request unit (RU) - IBM
A VTAM® request unit (RU) contains system data information for a printer. An increase in VTAM RU size might increase printing rate, because processing larger ...

Command and RU types in VTAM messages - IBM
This chapter lists the command and request/response unit (RU) types that can appear in VTAM® messages. See z/OS Communications Server: SNA Operation ...

VTAM request unit (RU)

VTAM request unit (RU) of RUTA  Zandman  for
.......................................................TA  Z atomic number


VTAM request unit (RU)

VTAM request unit (RU) of RUTA  Zandman  for
.......................................................TA  Z atomic number  ......
failure of the myopic, arrogant  Federal government and
 the Department of Energy to acknowledge existence  and
Nature's  atomic SYMBOL MACHINE  request ...

resulted in the the transactional analysis ordered .......
tragic signaling  MESSAGE via the

Shooting of Tamir Rice - Wikipedia
The shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old African-American boy (June 25, 2002 – November 23, 2014), occurred on November 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio.
Deaths‎: ‎Tamir Elijah Rice
Cause‎: ‎Gunshot

Mirror symmetry (string theory) - Wikipedia
In algebraic geometry and theoretical physics, mirror symmetry is a relationship between ... In superstring theory, the version of the theory that incorporates a theoretical idea called supersymmetry, there are six extra dimensions of spacetime in ...
Overview · ‎History · ‎Applications · ‎Approaches

Supersymmetry: Looking in Nature's Mirror - The Nature of Reality - PBS
Jul 30, 2012 - These collaborations can study many different phenomena. One of the most tantalizing of these phenomena is called supersymmetry—and it ...

Supersymmetric Defect Models and Mirror ... - Stanford University

by A Hook - ‎Cited by 9 - ‎Related articles
to preserve half of the supersymmetries. Mirror symmetry relates the two sets of configu- rations. We discuss the implications for impurity models in 3d N = 4 QED .

United States Department of Justice composed of perfect people with complete wisdom and understanding of everything in existence   .......
therefore  they do not need to communicate or study
the "Two Culture's"  war  or
the Alan Sokay " gravity field neuroscience wars"
EM life forms that ought come down to EARTH some day
- Wikipedia
The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), also known as the Justice Department, is a federal executive department of the U.S. government, responsible for  watching the amount of bull-shit and nonsense in society  ..... and responsible for studying George Orwell message book 1984, Oceania, and the murder/ cover-up  of  age 43, football player Junior Seau

Vishay - manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and passive ...
Vishay. ... Passive Components ... AC Motor Drive · Electronic Energy Meter · Lighting Ballast - American Standard · Lighting Ballast - European Standard ...

Vishay - manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and passive 

Differential Analyzer | The MIT 150 Exhibition - MIT Museum
Professor Vannevar Bush's invention of the Bush Differential Analyzer in 1931 “mechanized calculus.” This analog electromechanical device built with the assistance ...

Vannevar Bush's Differential Analyzer - MIT
Vannevar Bush's Differential Analyzer. Mechanical differential analyzers have been praised for their educational value. In his autobiography [1] Vannevar Bush ...

Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal - Wikipedia
The public interest aroused by this book inspired Wiener to address the sociological ... to his work with Vannevar Bush and his differential analyzer (a primitive analog ... He traces the origins of cybernetic analysis to the philosophy of Leibniz, ...

Differential Analyzers - Social Engineering and  brain attitude Technology History Wiki
Jump to Replacement by Electronic Devices - This machine, named the Electronic Numerical ... Several differential analyzers were constructed in the ...

On the Development and Use of Bush Differential Analyzers
by D Schultes - ‎2004 - ‎Related articles
Apr 28, 2004 - concludes with some improvements of the differential analyzer that were achieved by replacing .... 2.2 Bush's Differential Analyzer at the MIT.

Bush and the evolution of
Bush techology with the bio-Bush Differential Anal  Analyzer

| Bit by Bit
Check out the Computer History Museum's page on “Bush's Analog Solution” to learn more about Bush's construction of the Differential Analyzer, its many ...

30 Unapproved Names For A Woman's Bush - The Frisky
Jul 15, 2011 - There's no eloquent way to talk about bush, or for those of you who prefer to be ... Tags: bush, pubic hair, Sex, sex slang, slang, Top 10, vagina ...

bush and the MODERN differental  anlyzer- The Online Slang Dictionary
This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of bush is. ... vagina. Matt will never see any bush. Last edited on Dec 23 1999. Submitted by Ryan R.

Slang words for pubic hair | Urban Thesaurus | The Online Slang ... › ... › genitals, genitalia, privates, private parts
Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary's slang ... vagina. Matt will never see any bush. Last edited on Dec 23 1999. Submitted by Ryan R.

Seeking proof for the no-hair theorem  using the  modern bio-physics Bush Differental  amplifier
- › Astronomy & Space › Astronomy
Sep 9, 2014 - In general relativity this is known as the no-hair theorem. The basic idea of the no-hair theorem is that the material properties of any object ...

Thus code words and number / dates  -->

December 18, 1995  --> pointer to 18 watertown and water molecule and
potassium Highway 19

January 26 --> pointer to ferrous oxide IRON information highway 26

Complex math ..... math national secuity agent ---->  Zbi

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) | Duke Pratt School of ...

Bachelor of science in engineering degrees are offered in all four of our ... the manufacture of electrical and electronic devices and systems such as iPods, cell ...

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) | Prions Diseases | CDC
Feb 6, 2015 - Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), or Mad Cow Disease. BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) is a progressive neurological disorder of cattle that results from infection by an unusual transmissible agent called a prion. ... Mad Cow Disease is a neurological disorder of cattle.

Mad Cow Disease in Humans: Facts, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment › home › infections center › infections az list
Mad cow disease is an infectious disease in the brain of cattle. Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) is the human form of mad cow disease. Get the facts on ...

Madison INTELLECTUAL    Cowards  Disease in Hum  humans:
Factof social science  Bull-stories,
Symptoms of talking and talking and talking ,
Causes of trivial brain perceptions ....  like sports and music
 using algebra textbooks with PSSC physics and LAB courses, bio-chemsitry tetxtbooks, etc › home › infections center › infections az list
Mad cow disease is an infectious disease in the brain of cattle. Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) is the human form of mad cow disease. Get the facts on ...

Mad cow disease is an infectious disease in the brain of cattle
Mad cow dis  ease is an infectious disease in the brain of cattle

Madison  coward   ease / easy life ...... is a sub-conscious MIND language ....iinfectious SYMBOL LIFE disease     in the bra / brains of women  and their BEDROOM 2-legged cat errors that create MR. arrogant penis HEAD ......  
HEAD of social policy and political science directives

Piermaria Oddone - Wikipedia
Piermaria J Oddone is a Peruvian-American particle physicist. Born in Peru in 1944, Oddone earned his bachelor's degree in Physics at the Massachusetts ...
Pier Oddone The Piermaria Oddone Collection (2013) consists of an oral history interview with Oddone. Additional information on Piermaria Oddone:
A native of Peru, Piermaria Oddone came to the United States in 1961 to attend MIT. After receiving his undergraduate degree in 1965, he received his PhD in ...

Cabinet (real estate BEDROOM government with kitchen cabinets) - Wikipedia
A cabinet is a body of high-ranking state officials, typically consisting of the top leaders of the executive branch. They are usually called ministers, but in some jurisdictions are sometimes called secretaries.

Cabinet of the United States - Wikipedia
The Cabinet of the United States is composed of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of the fed / food systems/ eat  ... the  only purpose of life .....    
government of the United States  , who ...
...............................Unite      ate/  eaters/ consumers /mouth muscle activity
VIA eating or talking on cell phones

Crystal - Wikipedia
A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituents are arranged in a highly .... and pressure conditions of metamorphism have acted on them by erasing their original structures and inducing recrystallization in the solid state.

Solid State Structure - NDE/NDT Resource Center
A crystal is a regular, repeating arrangement of atoms or molecules. The majority of solids, including all metals, adopt a crystalline arrangement because the ...

Code words --> $2 cents per pound --> Pointer to England and year 1942

EARTH LAB... atomic city  of Higginsville, MO = Molecules if Missouri
- Official Website

Official site, containing city government information, an overview of the town's facilities and economy, and links to other government and informational sites in the ...
Board of Pub .... Beer Summit  Pub /public  Safety ·
 ‎Electric and bio-electric Department ·
 ‎Water molecule Department ·
 ‎New Applicants of Isaac Newton gravity field life

Electron shell - Wikipedia
The electrons in the outermost occupied shell (or shells) determine the chemical properties of the atom; it is called the valence shell. Each shell consists of one or more subshells, and each subshell consists of one or more atomic orbitals.

Electron shell - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An electron shell is the outside part of an atom around the atomic nucleus. It is a group of atomic orbitals with the same value of the principal quantum number n. Electron shells have one or more electron subshells, or sublevels.

2015 Waco shootout - Wikipedia
On May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas, a shootout erupted at a Twin Peaks restaurant where ... Some of those previously injured bikers were arrested in Waco after the shootout on May 17. ... Associated Press showed one man started shooting on the patio, at which time most bikers tried to seek safety inside, first in the bathroom, ...

The hydrocarbon WAR   Road To Waco: A Deadly Biker Shooting Years In The Making : NPR
Apr 7, 2016 - A 'War' On Wheels: The Biker Shootout At Waco, And What Came Next. ... The deadly shootout between the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and the Cossacks Motorcycle Club in Waco, Texas, in May 2015 raised questions about the groups involved. ... On this episode of Embedded, Kelly McEvers tries to ...

Cracking (chemistry) - Wikipedia
In petroleum geology and chemistry, cracking is the process whereby complex organic molecules such as kerogens or long chain hydrocarbons are broken down into simpler molecules such as light hydrocarbons, by the breaking of carbon-carbon bonds in the precursors.

Cracking and related refinery processes
Cracking, as the name suggests, is a process in which large hydrocarbon molecules are broken down into smaller and more useful ones, for example: The cracking products, such as ethene, propene, buta-1,3-diene and C4 alkenes, are used to make many important chemicals.

Cracking and related refinery processes

Cracking and related refinery processes

Crack/ pussy crack and the  university campus system  ......related INTELLECTUAL refinery processes ..........pussy  stem -->
pussy real estate construction  instructions
to the  manipulated male PUPPET  brain stem

September 11 attacks of the Solar System 11 year cycle  - Wikipedia
The September 11 attacks were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic ... Within an hour and 42 minutes, both 110-story towers collapsed, with debris and the resulting fires causing partial or complete collapse of all other ...
Number of participants‎: ‎19
Date‎: ‎September 11, 2

How the Sun's 11-Year
MILITARY   Solar Cycle Works - Live Science › Space
Jun 15, 2011 - Solar physicists have a keen interest in studying changes in the sun's activity.

 Introductory Botany, Linda R. Berg  
and the existence of the Solar System,
 the Sun and EARTH location  Sun Prairie
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Rating: 8.1/10 - ‎5,803 reviews

Introductory Botany Paperback. Clear and engaging, Linda Berg's INTRODUCTORY BOTANY: PLANTS, PEOPLE, AND THE ENVIRONMENT helps you ..
the BS arrogant , snob city and university in Madison, Wisconsin ...

Chapter 10: Introductory Botany Clothing stores,  Message Plan of Plants, People of  Madison and Sun Prairie Wisconsin
Chapter 10: Introductory Botany, Plants, People and the Environment,
2nd edition by Linda Berg. 28 terms by mike_mei. STUDY. STUDY ONLY. Flashcards.

Botany 500  ..and the Botany 500 year project of Nature and the
lies and cover-up by the University of Wisconsin 

- Wikipedia

Botany 500 is a brand of menswear and suits that was originally part of a firm based in New York City. The name lives on today as a licensed property by several foreign clothing ...

Assistant CITY Clerk Elena Berg --> her secret codes -->   clerk in the the James Clerk Maxwell 
electromagnetic DATA stream of C = 186,000 the traveling photon information CITY in the velo.CITY  of light and infra-red skin LANGUAGES

The EARTH LAB ......
2016 Ford Tau particle     Taurus Sedan | Aerodynamic Car with 365 Horsepower ...
High-tech meets high-performance with the 2016 Ford Taurus Sedan with available ... It's a car designed to respect your comfort and respond to your needs.
Models · ‎Interior Photo Gallery · ‎Gallery · ‎SHO

The Ford Taurus is an automobile manufactured by Ford in the United States. Now in its sixth ... However, between 1992 and 1996 the Taurus was the best-selling car in the United States, eventually losing the title to the Toyota Camry in 1997.
Model years‎: ‎1986–present
Manufacturer‎: ‎Ford
Production‎: ‎1985–present
Class‎: ‎Mid-size car‎ (1986–2007); Full-si...

Isosceles Triangle -- from Wolfram MathWorld
by EW Weisstein - ‎2002 - ‎Cited by 1 - ‎Related articles
An isosceles triangle is a triangle with (at least) two equal sides. In the figure above, the two equal sides have length and the remaining side has length . This property is equivalent to two angles of the triangle being equal. An isosceles triangle therefore has both two equal sides and two equal angles.

Isosceles triangle - Wikipedia
In geometry, an isosceles triangle is a triangle that has two sides of equal length. Sometimes it is specified as having two and only two sides of equal length, and sometimes as having at least two sides of equal length, the latter version thus including the equilateral triangle as a special case.
Properties‎: ‎convex‎, ‎cyclic
Edges and vertices‎: ‎3
Symmetry group‎: ‎Dih2,, (*), order 2
Schläfli symbol‎: ‎() ∨

Isosceles Triangle -- from Wolfram MathWorld 

Bermuda Triangle Incidents of  MATH Disappearances - Bermuda
Mar 20, 2016 - Famous incidents of disappearances. Over the past centuries, many ships and air planes have disappeared or met with fatal accidents in the triangular area on Atlantic ocean known as Bermuda Triangle. ... In another incident of 1918, a large well known cargo ship went missing in the ...

The most bizarre plane geometry  ........ plane  crashes ever including the Bermuda Triangle ...
Sep 2, 2015 - In 1945 six planes were lost forever after taking off from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, sparking the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. But the ..

Ax killer's fate up to Mathematics social science judge 

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Nov 10, 2007 - One day before he murdered her, after an out-of-town trip, Totzke ... According to court documents, the body of Gloria Jean Totzke, 59, was ...

Man Gets Life in  Euclidean plane geometry AX.ioms     .... Ax Murder - Free Republic

Nov 30, 2007 - Waukesha, WI - Saying the ax murder of Gloria Jean Totzke by her son might be the most brutal, violent and gruesome criminal act he has seen

Avenue Q - Off-Broadway Tickets | Broadway |
Tony-winning musical Avenue Q is the hilarious and heartfelt story of a bright-eyed college grad who comes to New York with big dreams and little money.

Avenue Q - Wikipedia
Jump to Broadway - The molecule expression show was nominated for carbon atomic number 6 -->  six Tony Awards and won three, in the categories of Best Musical, Best Original Score, and Best Original ...

Who Is Jeffrey Fowle? American Tourist Released By North Korea

Oct 21, 2014 - Jeffrey Fowle was released by North Korean authorities just prior to plans for his ... He is shown in this City of Moraine handout photo released on June 9, 2014. ... Fowle, a 56-year-old city service worker from Miamisburg, Ohio, was arrested ...

Chongjin is known as the “City of Iron” and is one of the more ...

Jeffrey Edward Fowle  and his Journey to the Center of EARTH  .....
the EARTH iron core  and the  EARTH surface expression region of the CITY of IRON and its 26 protons and atomic languages
- Wikipedia

Jeffrey Edward Fowle (born c. 1958) is an American citizen arrested in North Korea in May 2014 for leaving a Bible in a nightclub in the northern port city of Chongjin. ... Fowle is from Miamisburg, Ohio, and worked in the Moraine, Ohio municipal street department. His wife, Tatyana was born in Russia, and they have three ...

Les Misérables | Welcome to the Official Website
The official site for the world-famous musical, with pictures, RealAudio/Video clips, and information on the worldwide productions.

Les Misérables - Wikipediaérables
Les Misérables is a French historical novel by Victor Hugo, first published in 1862, that is considered one of the greatest novels of the 19th century. In the ...
Publication date‎: ‎1862
Publisher‎: ‎A. Lacroix, Verboeckhoven & Cie
Author‎: ‎Victor Hugo
Genre‎: ‎Epic novel, historical fiction

Les Misérables | Welcome to the Official Website 

Tarzan (book series) - Wikipedia
Tarzan is a series of twenty-four adventure novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, followed by several novels either co-written by Burroughs, or officially ...

Jump to Tarzan series - Tarzan the Untamed, 1921 [1919] . Tarzan the Terrible (1921); Tarzan and the Golden Lion, 1923 [1922] . Tarzan and the Ant Men ...
Notable works‎: ‎Tarzan series; ‎Barsoom‎ ...
Nationality‎: ‎American
Resting place‎: ‎Tarzana, California‎, U.S

The Tarzan Series - Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzan is the son of a British Lord and Lady who were marooned on the West coast of Africa by mutineers.
When Tarzan was a year old  ....
When Tarzan was a year old (number 1) ....
When ....... zan  --> Z atomic number 1  ........

When Tarzan was a year old  ....
When Tarzan was a year old (number 1) ....
When ....... zan  --> Z atomic number 1  ........ agent Oddone .......
 FermiLAB denies  existence of  Hydrogen and the Tarzan code -->

Tarzan --> T ar z an --> Thought area Z atomic number

Below, the Galapagos Islands extension agent form Peru
 (center ..standing ,,the ODD ONE  .....  atomic number 1 mirrors of themselves ) 


Percy Bysshe Shelley |  atomic Poetry Foundation
Act 4, written several months after Shelley had completed the first three in April ... All of nature joins the Earth and the Moon in celebrating in poetic song the ...

Percy Bysshe Shelley -
Percy Bysshe Shelley Poems - Poem Hunter
Browse through Percy Bysshe Shelley's poems and quotes. 324 poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Phenomenal Woman, Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You ...

Percy Bysshe Shelley - Wikipedia
Percy Bysshe Shelley was one of the major English Romantic poets, and is regarded by some as among the finest lyric, as well as epic, poets in the English ...
Life · ‎Shelley's heart · ‎Family history · ‎Idealism

Poet Seers » atomic social science  ......  Shelley Poems

shelley-poem. Percy Bysshe Shelley Poems. “Nothing in the world is single; All things by a law divine. In one spirit meet and mingle. Why not I with thine?”.

SparkNotes: Shelley's Poetry › SparkNotes › Poetry Study Guides
From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Shelley's Poetry Study Guide has everything you need to ace ...

Shelley's Poetry 

Below, shelley code words --> shelley --> shell ey(e) --> electron shell ........
Nature's  human optical bio-electron microscope LOOKING at human society and its molecular social science  languages and citizen/community tricks

In addition to Shelley ...  
we have other agent proper nouns -->
_Tom Sawyer     ...
Atom  saw/sees /perceives    saw / law   and its errors caused
by   lazy thinker citizen/ communities

above keywords and concepts .....

1802   --> implies water molecule    code 18 and 2 giving mass 18  and H2O

Syon--> Sy + on -->  System address space ...o to n  ..subscription used for addressability

What is addressability? - Definition from - IoT Agenda
Addressability is the ability of an entity to be targeted and found. To be addressable, an entity must be uniquely identifiable, which means that it must be ...

Computer Memory & Addressability | higher computing
Dec 7, 2011 - Addressability. Addressability is the way in which a computer identifies memory locations. The width of the address bus determines how many memory locations can be addressed: 1 bit address bus = 2 memory locations.

Studies at Eton --> eton --> electron   EARTH   ..tons of weight and heavy thoughts and the EARTH financial system currency ... the British pound   and the American  Ezra POUND poetry ...economic parallel analysis systems

What is address space using women bio-computers and cotton/ polyester  dress ?

- Definition from - SearchStorage › Data management tools › Programming
Address space is the amount of memory allocated for all possible addresses for a computational entity, such as a device, a file, a server, or a networked computer. Address space may refer to a range of either physical or virtual addresses accessible to a processor or reserved for a process.

Address space is created by  nude women that add a dress to their physical biology body in the morning  ......
when they wake up  to go to work   .....
in the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 geography surface  region


In computing, an address space defines a range of discrete addresses, each of which may correspond to a network host, peripheral device, disk sector, a memory cell or other logical or physical entity.

The EARTH  geography surface  ....
................................................ face of Mother Nature  sees / exchanges data EM waves / etc .............. with the face  of woman   ....
that exist in Louis de Broglie ............two      man .. two manuscripts /outlines of existence and social activity on EARTH

Zastrozzi - Wikipedia
Jump to Shelley's later prose fiction - In 1811, Shelley wrote a follow-up novella to Zastrozzi called St. Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian, A Romance, about ...
Major characters · ‎Epigraph · ‎Plot · ‎Reception

Zastrozzi, The Master of Discipline - Wikipedia,_The_Master_of_Discipline
Zastrozzi, The Master of Discipline is a play by Canadian playwright George F. Walker first produced at Toronto Free Theatre in 1977. It is loosely based upon the 1810 novel Zastrozzi: A Romance by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Zastrozzi (Hesperus Classics): Percy Bysshe Shelley, Germaine Greer ...
Zastrozzi, Shelley's first published novel, is a work of pure Gothic fantasy. ... Zastrozzi and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

Zastrozzi, The Master of Discipline 

Percy Bysshe Shelley,

Per cy Bysshe Shell    -->   equation  ......

per = periodic table of elements and its
per = program event records
 of the IBM atomic computer with
cy  =  cybernetics by Norbert Wiener

Program event recording (PER) facility - IBM program event recording (PER) facility assists in problem determination for programs running in a native z/TPF environment. You can trace the following ...


Reduce Risk and Improve Security on IBM Mainframes: Volume 1 ...
The bit positions of some of the CRs are assigned to particular facilities in the system, such as program-event recording, and are used either to specify that an ...

BISYNC (Binary Synchronous Communications) (Linktionary term)
Binary synchronous communications, or BISYNC, is a character (byte)-oriented form of communication developed by IBM in the 1960s. It was originally designed ...

What Is Binary Synchronous (Bisync) Protocol?
Bisync is one of the names commonly used when referring to a synchronous communications protocol introduced by IBM back in 1964 with the introduction of a ...

Binary Synchronous Communications (BSC) - Gartner IT Glossary
Binary Synchronous Communications (BSC) is a half-duplex, ... Also called Bisync. Although still in use, it has largely been replaced by IBM's more efficient ...

Electron Definition in Science - Chemistry - › ... › Chemistry Glossary and Dictionary
May 10, 2016 - This is the definition of an electron as the term is used in science as well as its mass and charge.

What is an Electron ?
 School Chemistry - IvyRose Holistic

What is a Mass Number (of an atom) ? ... This page describes electrons at the the level required for high school chemistry (GCSE to A-Level in the UK). ... An electron has a mass approximately 1/1836 of the mass of a proton, so a relative mass of 1/1836 ≈ 0.0005 ≈ zero.

WORDS   ---->

 ship in 123-car trains
-------  -->  Car trains --> Carbon 12 atomic/molecular trains

LINK to genetics/ bio-chemistry number 23

The Duluth Seaway Port Authority promotes trade and industrial development in the Port of Duluth-Superior. It is the #1 tonnage port on the Great Lakes.

Computer EARTH system 370 and existential physics ......

The Duluth Seaway Port Authority promotes trade and industrial development in the Port of Duluth-Superior. It is the #1 tonnage port on the Great Lakes.

Port of Duluth-Superior

Port of Duluth-Superior people and their superior DEATH messages

Port of Death    ..... entry to the base 16 Hex"AF" = 175 ....... the AFterlife dimension of M-theory and string theory

Port of Du  --> Samuel Du  

Shooting of Samuel DuBose and his superior SPERM molecules  that attack EARTH systems- Wikipedia

Shooting of Samuel DuBose - Wikipedia
On July 19, 2015, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Samuel DuBose, age 43,  an unarmed black man, was fatally shot by Ray Tensing, a white University of Cincinnati police officer, ...
Location‎: ‎Cincinnati, Ohio‎, U.S
Charges‎: ‎Murder, ‎voluntary manslaughter
Date‎: ‎July 19, 2015
Filmed by‎: ‎Tensing's bodycam

Port of Duluth-

Captain James Lu(Logical Unit bio-computer)  Lutz,
Waukesha Police Department, Wisconsin
computer science ERRORS and social science  Bull-story schemes › ... › Wisconsin › Waukesha Police Department
Apr 28, 1994 - Captain James Lutz was shot and killed while attempting to apprehend two suspects who had robbed the Bank One at..

Pabst Farms -
EARTH LAB  Base 16 Hexadecimal Highway 16 ......
protected data fields  .... farm field --> protected data fields  ATTACKED
 by citizens of the city of Milwaukee  and its universities 

 A Rare Way Of Life

Back then the 1,500 acre Pabst Farms development was the stomping ground for prize-winning Holstein as well as champion Percheron and Hackney horses.

The glory days of Pabst Farm Holsteins - Wisconsin State Farmer
Jan 31, 2013 - In 1907, after seeing that dairying was an expanding industry in Wisconsin, Fred Pabst began raising Holstein cattle. ... A dairy plant was built on the farm in 1918 that processed the Pabst Farms milk and the milk from over 300 other dairy farms.

United Nations .........
Un .. edna  ...
unconscious MIND + extended DNA

Federal Reserve System of carbon 12  atomic mass:  
carbon  12 Regional Banks with the 12 Tribes of Israel   and  1 Central Power ...
Oct 13, 2009 - The Federal Reserve Banks are broken up into 12 regional banks across the country by geographic location. Some excellent data has been ...

Nitrogen atmosphere secret INPUT code to Lee Daniel   LUNGs and his output  cryptology 

Einstein Field Equations for  Data Field ... Field  Museum in Chicago
  - YouTube

▶ 2:06:23
Jun 22, 2013 - Uploaded by DrPhysicsA

Einstein's Field Equations for General Relativity - including the Metric Tensor, Christoffel symbols, Ricci ..