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Astrophysics systems engineering layers of EARTH WAR explained by JOE Stack and University of Texas,Austin in the EARTH LAB astrophysics geography DNA region.


The living Earth cell MODEL allows reseachers to explain some tragic events on the geography surface of planet EARTH.  

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (planet  EARTH)  is an interesting location.
A distant, virtual  astrophysics biologist  would see the EARTH  as a small cell …..comparable   to the human body cell.  Of interest,   is the  AP region on
EARTH à the Astro-Physics region in Austin   with the University of Texas.

Below, we see the galactic military  symbols  AP --> AstroPhysics --> Associated Press ...a very high level  communication system of the symbolic universe comprised of the English language vowels and their data processing ..access method  features
A, E, I. O, U   ---> with   I,O, U --> Input    Output  Universe   

Thus the AP site --> Austin Physics ...that being the universe  and its subset humanoid RD institution..the University of Texas. 

Above...last 2 lines of words: synthesis, using its  5 - 3  exonuclease activity to remove a few nucleotides ahead ...

The above  astrophysics event on EARTH  was  described in newspapers and INTERNET with the genetic DNA  broadcast  .... 

Joe StackAustin

Feb 18, 2010 – As everyone's heard by now, a man named Joe Stack crashes his small airplane ... by authorities as Joseph Andrew Stack, a 53-year-old software engineer who lived .

The plane belonged to Joseph Stack, a 53-year-old software ...middle-aged engineer, laid off during the defence cuts of the early 1990s, .

 Before Two Fires in Texas ...
Feb 18, 2010 – Soon after a plane crashed into an office building in Austin, Texas on ...said that a 53-year-old man named Joseph A. Stack III crashed a small plane into ...the note “suggested that Stack was disgruntled with the U.S. 
· BBC News · BBC World Service · 

BBC = British Bio.Chemistry  World Service

Astrophysics  author , William Shakespeare stated  around year 1600
    “ The WORLD  is a stage and we are the players”.

The word:  Players = P layers = Processing  layers on EARTH …that is human bio-computer processing layers and human society levels.  The University of Texas has intellectual difficulties.
Nature  sent an empirical data  signaling EVENT  to Austin  …in the NATURE of   JOE STACK  …known in subliminal mind circles  … as a  social science systems engineering messenger for Nature..

Thus we see the 400 year relationship between  PLAYERS  and STACK …namely, levels of Sartre existentialism on EARTH ……. conceptually related  to the string theory physics concept of 11 dimensions.  

Below we see, Nature's  process in Austin Texas ,,,,,a city is considered a living organism  in CITY format.
Darwinian selection needed  an age 53 year old ..........for the  signaling EVENT (the tragedy) ..... must contain the data parameters / the CLUES needed  by advanced intellectuals .... to understand the TRUE NATURE  of the astrophysics battle in Austin.
Thus all age 53 people in the Austin , Dallas, Waco, Houston area  in TEXAS where eligible for  sacrifice for the   5 ---> 3 direction war.    Darwinian selection  ...noticed JOE Stack had additional features
a) he owned an air plane ...implying his vector  direction  message abilities
b) his name was JOE = bio-computer Job Order Entry
c) his name  STACK   implies  levels and the violations of  Hierarchy Problem of bio-physics  ...caused by the Department of  Energy  omission of  representatives of Nature and the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology project with  the ZINJAN skull  update. 

Above...we see the living EARTH cell event out with the Darwinian selected age 53 human with airplane direction ....... words:   5 ---> 3  direction.

The  neucleotide  sequence above  ....
ATCGTAG ......... has leading symbols
AT ........ATTACK   CODE ...for the  DNA city with
AT nucleotides  --> citizen brain  thought errors and defects of ....
A_ _ T ...input the EARTH LAB city of 
AusTin   - --

Nearby, is the Earth  LAB HOOD  ...that is Fort Hood ...from a social chemistry LAB   VIEW  could be called  FORT LAB HOOD .

In A = Astrophysics  A =  Austin Adenine  variety in the DNA = Dallas North America geography region of the living EARTH cell.

Words ---> .the same sequence is READ  -->  like the  Fort Hood Soldier READ Center biochemistry VIA  Natures's agent Hasan.  
Read 5 --> 3 is  represented by JOE Stack.


Thus we see the living EARTH cell.....and the dam  gene --> damage to the IRS offices and the human casualties.   Thus the Texas western cowboy CODE of HONOR violations ....gene violations of the genetics social  science CODE that was broadcast on television by GENE messenger:  Gene Audrey. 
That dam GENE cowboy honor code comes back to haunt TEXAS intellectual tricks..

We  have  Joe Stack DNA age --> age --> AGE --> AGEnt 53    and then we have  
genetics Interstate Highway 35 ...that is  3 -->  5.

  1. Images for DNA     3 --> 5

    1. Images for DN Austin   3 --> 5



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Joseph  (message)  Stack   53 
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Thus we have a few CLUES to the Austin,  Texas astrophysics  mystery.   Why is Austin so silent?  A cover-up?    Why does   Interstate Highway 35   pass the Univrrsity of Texas genetics and DNA labs that do research  on 3 --> 5 ?     What  Texas experiment may have resulted in the I-35W communications bridge collapse in the St.Paul (Dirac)  atomic anthropology research  area with the Margaret Mead nuclear family.

How was bio-computer  Joe Stack programmed by Texas television programs.
The bio-computer programming of human done by university approved  techniques....using subset word

Thus ROTE instructions are broadcast to pre-program the proteins of JOE STACK.  His victim proteins   proteins  think and behave according to the university bio-computer programming department  that may  use CAD = Computer Aided Design of human CAD.avers.  

JOE  = Job Order Entry was an  ideal experimental  specimen.  They programmed a stack/ a list of instructions inside JOE's brain be activated weeks later.
This activation method is know in bio-computer circles as JOB Execution.

That was tested in year 1963.
Texas DP = Data Processing in DP = Dealey Plaza  in 1963...... used  bio-computer  OS/JCL  ....Job Execution  ..of   President  Kennedy  ,.....  by OS/JCL agent OSWALD. 

Texas has many mysteries.

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